Next Clinic FEBRUARY

How to effectively use Instagram for your business

If you were to describe Social Paradise Instaclinics, they’d be a cross between consultancy and a workshop. We help you with your specific brand on Instagram and teach you how to use it effectively to meet your business goals. You will return to your office with a clear plan, direction and all the tools to grow your business on Instagram.

There’s no hiding the fact, to be effective on Instagram you need time and dedication. The clinics are a three hour workshop which will take you through an easy to understand strategy, implementation and content planning programme as well as all you need to know on SEO, hashtags, stories and how to grow your audience. You will be in a group of up to 14 people with the additional networking and information sharing benefits. We will create an InstaPod group where you can post any questions afterwards and we can keep an eye on your posts and stories as you grow.

Coming up are our more advanced Intermediate InstaClinics as well as focused workshops on shopping, stories and creativity. Hopefully in time, we will host Social Paradise meet ups where we can share our experiences, challenges and successes.

UPDATE: Word has spread and we have now put the Global into Social Paradise, having completed two clinics in the busy business hub that is Gibraltar, one in Spain and now 7 in the UK!

eMail us to find out our next one - thanks so much, Marie Louise and Fiona