Tantrum Kite Surf

Grew community to 20.K+ followers by 2673%.

Develop the profile within the Kite Surf community by creating a strong USP to grow the following.

Drove the Kite Surfing community through the bio-link to subscribe to webinars, magazines, the App and podcasts.

Captured email addresses to direct marketing with over 20,000 new subscribers to the marketing initiatives

Created a strong USP for the brand, focusing on this sporting niche.

Utilised content to direct followers to subscribe the Tantrum Kite Surf app, and other marketing initiatives

Optimised account through strong content, key tags and strategic planning


Tarifa Events

4250 new followers in our 6 month campaign!

Established Tarifa Events as a leading weddings and corporate events company  by engaging with the bridal community through Instagram content

Raised profile of Tarifa as a the new cool destination

Develop an effective link with the website and optimised through SEO , hashtag marketing, calls to action and social commenting

Traffic to the website up by 20%


Wedding Hashtag Wall

Increase of 20% bookings a month.

Raised the profile to the wedding market encouraging brides to hire the Wedding Hash tag wall for events.

Grew the community within this specialist market.

Created strong content creation and story telling to bring the Wedding Hashtag wall to life

Impactful call to action through bio-link for website sign ups

Strategic planning, hashtag marketing and community targeting

Over 2000% community growth with 15k followers.


Mira Fayo Yoga

Added 3,500 subscribers on YouTube.

Directed the German yoga community to the Mira Fayo Yoga You Tube Channel thought its Instagram channel
Rose the profile of the Fayo school of Yoga by amplifying German content and creating German hashtags to target the local audience
Supported the concept of pain-free living across all key messaging

A series of calls to action to drive traffic to the You Tube channel via the bio-link

5000 new engaged followers in 4 months

978% growth

Achieved strong engaged community in Germany / Austria / Switzerland


Mrs ML Mode

Engagement up by 50% within the community.

Created a Insta-Vlog profile for the communications expert Marie Louise Pumfrey, and combine personal content with a business objective to drive engagement

The channel now attract new clients and has also positioned the MD as a 40+ fashion influencer

Offered business consultation across the name, channel, content, USP, and target audience.

Identified a niche community of 40+ global fashion influencers to become a member of.

Optimised to target potential new clients

Generate 600 new followers a month



From 600 to 3000 followers in 4 months.

Supported the launch of Glowcation, a new wellness website reviewing natural food outlets globally with a new Instagram account

Strategic direction across the identity,  content and  voice of the channel

Developing an engaged and relevant community with a 110% growth in followers

Effective hashtag marketing strategy to build the Glowcation audience amongst the wellness community