Hashtag Top 5 Insights

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Bottom line, if you don’t use Hashtags in Instagram, your post can’t get found outside of the followers you have. This is fine if it’s an account for friends and family but if it’s Instagram for Business, you’ve got to use the tags.

Out of all the areas we cover, Hashtags is the topic that people are most keen to understand. But ironically when we check after the clinics they’re the area that still could be improved on.    In the spirit of supporting you, not just in the clinics, but after – here’s a small, hopefully motivational article to get you tagging.

Our top 5 Post Hashtag Highlights

  • You can use up to 30 on each post. So Do!  

    Set a good few hours aside, spread over time and create a tag bank.   
Look at the tags that other people use in your niche, take a note of them and investigate the ones you like.  Make a document or spreadsheet of these. Mix it up on each post.
  • Pay attention to the ‘number’ that the tag you’ve chosen has. 

    For instance #fashion has a phenominal 586 million as it’s number. This means that your post will appear for less than a milisecond if you use this and then puff gone. We recommend tags with around 150k or below. For instance in this example instead use #newcoat (if it’s appropriate) as that ranks at 93k. On that tag you’ve a greater chance of appearing, but even better, of lasting longer there for others to discover you.
    Another example don’t use #horseriding 3million instead #horseridinglesson 16k
  • Use around 6 tags on your post and the rest in your first comment.
    Instagram uses facial (or post) recognition in it’s algorhythm. This means, if it detects a ship but you’ve tagged it #elephant … Instagram knows it’s been mistagged. So tag your post with the right tags to each post.  Once your post is live have your prepared ‘batch’ of about 20 tags ready to put in your first comment.  These are ones that are relevant to your niche, no so focused on the actual post. Note: Make sure to change this so have about 5 to 10 different batches
    .. I actually use different tags for every single post.  But often times people just don’t have the time – so batch on the comments.
    * Always bespoke the tags within your post, you can use one bigger ranking one if you must, if only as an Instagram algorithm guide. One is enough. No bigger than 1 million though.
  • Use location tags in everyone of your posts.
    They are still tags!

Account or User tags.  @
    Always credit your post if it’s not yours. (Make sure you’ve permission if you’re not sure).
    You can also tag businesses to get their attention or to give thanks. Don’t spam on your account tags. No more than 4 is good practice.

Bonus tag advice.

Remember it’s not all about you!
Go into hashtags and see what other people in your niche are doing. Engage in there. This is like raising your hand – people see you and may then return visit your account.  It is a social media. So be social.


Hope this helps

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