Our favourite Instagram Apps so far this year

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One of the most popular requests at our InstaClinics is about apps and which ones we recommend.  So we are sharing our current top five to start you off with.   Do let us know what your favourite apps are too – as we love investigating all the new features which keep popping up everyday.

Scheduling – Later

We love this as it has a preview facility, to see how your grid is looking and will look so brilliant for creative planning. You can also automatically post for weekend work or holidays and when you’re choosing hashtags it gives you the popularity count of the tag or other similar ones. There are other popular scheduling apps – our runner ups would be Planoly and Tailwind. Both of which you can use on your desktop too.

Borders – Whitegram

People’s first step into getting adventurous with their grid is usually having fun with the borders. However borders are also a preference for many photographers as they can show of their work in a more defined way. Whiteagram and Instasize are two great apps that do a straight forward management of your photos with a highlighting white border.

Text overlays – Typorama

For creating text or message posts. With Typorama and Wordswag, both of these apps can generate quotes if you feel uninspired but also provide great fonts, backgrounds and filters to make your messages really unique. You can loose hours playing around with them. This is a pretty swamped territory however, you may find others that you prefer to play with. Font Candy and Canva being two other favourites we recommend.

Touchups – Facetune

When it comes to making us look more fabulous there’s an endless sea of apps to choose from so this can end up being a personal preference. It’s worth paying for the one that you’re most comfortable with so as to reduce the ads that come with many of the free ones. We recommend Facetune and Airbrush. Here you get to smooth out the wrinkles even stretch your legs! Give a healthy glow, pouty lips .. instant makeover to the point of ‘supermodels look out’!

Quirky apps – endless list, read on!

Some quirky fun apps are PIP (Picture in a Picture) – so if you have a picture of a glass of water, PIP it, and you’re in the water! Or PIP and you’re on your phone, in a bubble – it’s addictively fun. Colour Pop. You’ve probably seen the results of this. Black and White photo with pops of colour – red lips, golden child and so on … Then of course there’s Boomerang or a more advanced version Phhhoto and if you want to split photos, spreading them out over a grid there’s Big square or Photosplit.

The main thing to realise is that apps come and go. And what’s a favourite now, may be bettered tomorrow or what is increasingly the case may simply disappear. One thing for sure is this list will change by this time next year. And that’s the fun of Instagram – the discovery.

We’ll have more Fav apps coming soon Just kicking you off with this list.

Fiona : Digital Director @SocialParadise.global