Instagram: Has Facebook’s younger sibling officially taken over?

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Marie Louise Pumfrey talking Instagram at Pure London


From the response to my talk last week at Pure London, on how to optimise Instagram for Business, clearly Instagram is in the spot light.  Everyone wants their piece of it.

I’ve done a number of talks at Pure now.  Each one attended by about 40 vaguely interested people, so I was expecting a similar, politely engaged audience.  But ten minutes beforehand & people were piling in.  Standing room only. They even started to sit on cross legged, on the floor, Taking pictures.  Taking notes.  Asking questions!  When we ran out of time there was a queue to speak to me!

Interestingly its taken Instagram 18 years to get to this point. Has Facebook’s younger sibling officially taken over?  With 500 million global daily users and businesses reporting over thousands of pounds of daily sales through the channel, we believe so.  And anyone sitting on their hands are now putting their head above a panicky pile of sand, and asking how can they jump into the fast lane.   Well here are some pointers to be getting on with …

  1. Expect to invest a considerable amount of time and energy into building your Instagram channel. There are no quick wins to achieve a real and engaged audience.
  2. Go back to business basics. What are your goals and how can you achieve them on Instagram?   e.g. do you want to drive sales, followers or a beautiful visual platform?
  3. What do you love on Instagram and why? Taking inspiration from your competitors or like minded demographic
  4. Commit to posting once a day and plan content in advance. Use the save feature and keep any great content for re-posting and don’t forget to tag.
  5. Be fussy with your feed and have fun with the Instagram Stories feature. Don’t forget to hashtag, use the geo-location and most importantly drive your audience to take action through the only live link in your biography

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Thanks Marie Louise @MrsMLMode

Communications Director, Social Paradise.Global