How to Get Instagram Savvy

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When I was invited to join a panel discussion on ‘how to get noticed’ on social media and get your blog to stand out at the Olympia Beauty event in September,  I was asked to focus on my Instagram channel @MrsMLMode.

One of the brilliant things about Instagram is you can continually experiment and play around for success. My account is over 6 years old and first began as MLPR, reporting on my agencies work. After setting up The F Club blog over a year ago, I wanted to create more of an Insta-Vlog channel focusing on my style and work as a London Fashion PR and hence, the rename @MrsMLMode

Without a doubt, Instagram is the new frontier of social media and is fast becoming more relevant than your home page. For me, it’s the most important communication platform for brands and businesses.  Through a strong strategy and clever SEO  we have grown my audience from 600 to almost 9000 in 6 months. I have developed a strong Instagram community and my engagement continues to rise which is key to building your Instagram profile.

I thought I’d share my top 5 tips on how to get Instagram savvy

1. The Why? Define your Instagram objective. What’s your point and what are you trying to achieve
2. What is your niche – be as focused as you possibly can on your audience
3. Tell it on the tin – Use your biography and bio-link wisely
4. Make sure the creative is as strong as possible and develop an engaging voice. (Think of your Instagram grid as your home. Does it look tidy? Would you invite people over?)
5. Finally start socialising. Who do you want to invite over? Say hi and always say thank you

Oh .. and don’t forget the hashtags – but then that’s number 6! So I’ll leave that for next time

Love, Marie Louise x